Dear Members and Friends of TSTA,

Click on SEPTEMBER 2017 TSTA NEWSLETTER to read the current issue of the Texas State Trooper.

Good riddance to our unwelcome guest Harvey on page 1.

Deborah Ingersoll and Jack Crier give you details of the Special Session at the Capitol. Deborah’s article is on page 1 and Jack’s article is on page 4.

Lots of yah, yahing going on these days about impeachment. Judge Gist explains both the process and the seldomness of its use on page 2.

Mark Riordan has a great article on Accident Reconstruction on page 5.

Page 6 gives you an overview of some of the laws that came out of the legislative session.

See what TSTA has available for you on page 10

Tickle your funny bone, Kuemple’s Korner is on page 11.

Page 12, “Why that’s an application,” for only $25 PER YEAR you can become bonafide and start receiving your benefits.

Be safe!

Claude Hart
Executive Director