Dear Members and Friends of TSTA,

Congratulations JoAnne, you have put together a great newsletter this month.  Lots of valuable information.

Click on MARCH 2017 TSTA NEWSLETTER to access the current issue of “Texas State Trooper”.

 First, thank you Faith Lutheran Church of Dickinson, Texas, for your kindness to TSTA by displaying the kind message on your street sign.

Next, Judge Gist continues his lesson to you on the necessity of Plea Bargains.

Read Crier’s Chronicles — Folks, Jack has your back.  He and TSTA are fighting for you.

It’s important that you support Catherine Melvin, the most dedicated candidate for ERS Board of Trustees.  She is from DPS and understands LECOS.  She also understands Defined Benefit retirement vs. Defined Contribution.  Read, it’s your future.

Also read the Legislative Update.  Deborah Ingersoll gives you the latest on what’s going on at the Capitol.

Read about stress cops deal with and health tips.  Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

TSTA is easy to join. Go to and click on Join TSTA or use the application on page 12.  Only $25 a year, and great representation.

We thank you officers for what you do.

Claude Hart
Executive Director
Texas State Troopers Association