Click on  JUNE 2017 TSTA NEWSLETTER to read the current issue of “Texas State Trooper.”

In this edition you will see how much TSTA cares about you and your career.

We help to sponsor events such as the DPS Retirees Firearms Qualifications.  It was fun because of the fellowship and meal.  It was necessary to maintain firearm proficiency.

We assist those in need.  TSTA met with Cynthia Vetter, widow of slain DPS Trooper Randy Vetter, and assisted monetarily.

Judge Gist, as usual, has a great article.  This one will make you chuckle!

Deborah Ingersoll’s Legislative Update will advise you how involved TSTA has been in this legislative session to fight for your interests.

Crier’s Chronicles by TSTA Attorney Jack Crier will allow you to know how keen an understanding he has toward the legislative bills that affect you, and how hard Jack fights to keep the “bad” stuff off of you.

Retired TSTA member Mark Riordan has an interesting article—Stay Alert!

You can join TSTA at any time.  Dues are only $25 per calendar year and you get great representation.   LET US SERVE YOU!

Be safe!

Claude Hart

Executive Director