Dear Members and Friends of TSTA,

Click on JULY 2017 TSTA NEWSLETTER  to read the current issue of the Texas State Trooper.

TSTA is here to help.   See the front page of Texas State Trooper.

Judge Gist’s article on “Community Caretaking” is a good one.

Congratulations Rosalio on your Gold medal in the Texas Police Games and congratulations to Cpl. Katherine Creekmore on your Professional Achievement Award.

Deborah Ingersoll has a good article on the Legislature, see page 4.

Crier’s Chronicles is a particularly outstanding one.  Read it  and see how TSTA is fighting for you on page 5.

Congratulations to the 122 new troopers, story on page 6.

Be safe when you travel.  Mark Riordan tells you how on page 7.

Check out page 11.  It shows you what benefits and services your $25 annual dues gets you.

Be safe!
Claude Hart
Executive Director