Dear Members and Friends of TSTA,

Read the January 2016 issue of the Texas State Trooper by clicking here.

In this edition we want you to know that TSTA is working for you, and that you may be assured the Board of Directors wants only the best for TSTA and its’ members.

Deborah Ingersoll, TSTA’s Legislative Liaison, is working hard with ERS, the legislature and all the Schedule C groups to assure your retirement and pay are protected. Read “Pension Update”.

As usual, Judge Gist is outstanding in is article “Watch Out”.

Former TSTA Newsletter Editor Jack Lawler suffered the loss of his daughter, Nancy Lawler Minton, on December 15, 2016 (“In Memory Of….”).

Do you have your family “business” in order? Please read “Crier’s Chronicles” for important resources.

On pages 4 & 5, please read notes of thanks for all that you do.

DPS has asked TSTA to remind all of you about DPS Mutual. Please read article outlining this program on page 7.

ERS reminds you to use your new pharmacy card as of January 1st (see page 7).

Congratulations to C-2016 class! We welcome all 116 new troopers who graduated in December. See page 8 for article.

Please look over page 9 to see what your $25 per year (total dues) gets you in services from TSTA.

If you need a laugh, turn to page 11 where Kuempel’s Korner will give you a few good chuckles.

Be Safe!

Claude Hart
Executive Director
Texas State Troopers Association