CR – Consumer Reports(TM): Getting Help After Harvey

We are all saddened by the tragic events in Texas surrounding Hurricane Harvey. Our experts here at Consumer Reports wanted to share some information that might be helpful to you or anyone you may know affected by the storm. We realize that for many, rebuilding and recovery represents a long road ahead, and we hope that this helps.

What you need to know about flood and homeowners insurance
If you, or someone you know, has been impacted by this disaster and are without adequate — or any — flood insurance, find out other ways you might be able to get financial help, including applying for federal assistance or tax relief.

Saving valuables can be a race against the clock
Check out these tips on how to salvage as much as possible.

Know which charitable organizations you can trust
Whether you are seeking help or wishing to donate to others, see which organizations have a proven track record for assisting with disaster relief efforts.

Find out if your loss is a tax write-off
Uninsured losses caused by a natural disaster may be deductible under federal tax law. If you itemize your taxes, be sure to check with a tax professional to find out if your loss qualifies for the deduction.

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