Dear Members and Friends of TSTA,

Click on AUGUST 2017 TSTA NEWSLETTER  to read the current issue of the Texas State Trooper.

Lots of good material in this month’s edition of Texas State Trooper.

Jack Crier has an excellent article on what’s about to happen and how we are fighting for you.

Judge Gist’s article on Encounters and Detentions is excellent – need to read.

Deborah Ingersoll has brought you up-to-date on what’s happening in the special legislative session and has included a link to the final report on the regular legislative session.

Many of you remember C.B. Isbell and Jim Pribble.  Both were great TSTA friends.  We mourn their passing.

Mark Riordan has a good story on America’s first woman in Investigations.

Read about the young Gardendale, TX girl who was inspired by a female Texas State Trooper.

Read and heed the social security scam.

See what TSTA offers you for only $25 per year.

Till next time,

Claude Hart

Executive Director