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As founder of Legislative Solutions, Deborah C. Ingersoll is both a pioneer and a powerhouse in the field of professional advocacy. Capitol Inside, an authoritative online guide to Texas politics, has awarded Ingersoll a “Top 25” power rating from a field of nearly 1500 registered lobbyists.

An entrepreneur and innovator, Ingersoll founded Reference Guides at the age of 26. Reference Guides quickly became Texas politics’ premier research and publishing company, providing in-depth information on legislative candidates and statewide-elected officials.

Ms. Ingersoll brought the Texas lobby into the modern world. She was the first to supply political information in printed and electronic format along with the use of computers to sort and analyze political contributions, and track legislation and agency activities. Members of the legislature, lobbyists and special interest groups were subscribers before she sold the company.

Additionally, Ingersoll helps numerous nonprofit charities with fundraising. Currently, Ingersoll is a member of the Professional Advocacy Association of Texas and serves on the board of directors for the Big Bend Conservancy (formerly the Friends of Big Bend).

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Austin, TX 78763
Tel. (512) 477-2417
Email: deborah@deborahingersoll.com