Dear Members and Friends of TSTA,

Click on APRIL 2017 TSTA NEWSLETTER to access the current issue of “Texas State Trooper”.

A very important read – Retirement and why defined benefit retirement plans must be saved. Thank you Mr. Malfaro for your great enlightening article.

On the front page see how easy it is to become a TSTA member. We look forward to serving you.

Again Judge Gist has a great article on “Insanity” this month.

Jack Crier in “Crier’s Chronicles” always writes about things that directly affect you. Gotta read this one on page 4.

Find out what’s going on in the legislature and how it happens in the “Legislative Update” by Deborah Ingersoll on page 5.

Many of you knew Mark Riordan, retired DPS Lt. Read about what he’s doing now as a Private Investigator on page 6.

You still have time to vote in the ERS Trustee Election – see our candidate and see how you can vote online on page 7.

We lost two good men, Odis Lee Whaley and Richard Loose. Their obituaries are on page 8.

See what our $25 annual dues buys for you on page 12.

We thank you officers for what you do!

Be safe!

Claude A. Hart
Executive Director